Focus on the President: Steve Shortt

Steve ShorttWe recently sat down for a discussion with VOS President Steve Shortt and these are some of his thoughts on theatre, life, and never ever, ever forgetting one’s lines…

Q: What does theatre mean to you?

Theatre means to me community, a group of people doing something they feel very passionate about for the benefit and enjoyment of other people.

Q: How did you get involved in VOS?

I got involved in VOS in the fall of 2010.  My daughter Jenna had already participated in VOS Theatre productions “Seussical the Musical” & “Oliver”.  I was thinking I would love to be part of this, I had been asked a couple of times by Alan Fletcher to come out and participate, but I felt because I worked shift work for Ambulance that I would not have the time.  In the early fall of 2010 Anne Burnham approached me about participating in “Fiddler on the Roof”  I agreed if my daughter Jenna could be in the production with me.  I also said I just wanted a very small role to learn the ropes.   Well the rest is history, 6 shows later, I am hooked!!

Steve as Ralph Sheldrake in White Christmas
Steve as Ralph Sheldrake in White Christmas

Q: What does it mean to be President of VOS?

Being President of VOS Theatre is a privilege!!  A privilege and a job I take very seriously!   I purposely took this fall production off, I wanted to spend some time with my wife Kimberly but also to take a good look at the organization from a non-stage perspective.  My eyes have been opened widely and I have an increased respect for each and every member of this organization.  It is absolutely incredible the amount of effort that is put forth to stage a VOS Production.

Q: Do you have any goals for next year?

Yes lots of goals!  I am one year closer to retirement.    Goals for VOS Theatre would be to keep providing the top level of musical and non-musical theatre that our patrons have become accustomed to over the last few years!  I want the organization to keep having fun!!

Steve as Sid in VIMY
Steve as Sid in VIMY

Q: What is the most rewarding experience in theatre so far?

My most rewarding experience in theatre so far is “VIMY”  I could never tell you enough about my journey during the production of “VIMY”  Please if you ever get the chance ask me!!!  I have another rewarding experience and that is to work with such wonderful, talented people within the VOS organization on stage and off!!

Q: What is your biggest on-stage blooper?

Aside from forgetting a line, I don’t have one.  I take my time on stage very seriously, so I don’t have bloopers!!!  Any one that knows me well knows that I usually learn everyone’s lines, because you never know when someone might forget a line and you have to jump in!!

Steve as the  Black Knight in Spamalot
Steve as the Black Knight in Spamalot

Q: What would we never know about you if didn’t tell us?

Well if I told you then you would know wouldn’t you, so lets just keep it unknown!!