On The Rooftop: A Broadway Revue

On The Rooftop - Broadway's best hits new heights

You can’t go wrong with a VOS show!

On The Rooftop showcases the finest singers in the county.  Accompanied by a live combo; Kristiane Black on Keyboard, Tom Hall on Drums and P.J. LeConte on Bass.

All this from the group that brought you Spamalot, White Christmas, Oklahoma! and so many others.

Trust us – you are going to love this show!

Call the Victoria Hall Box Office at 905-372-2210 or 1-855-372-2210 for tickets.

The Magic Moment When It Clicks

One of the things that I watch for in rehearsals is when the cast runs a number with the music and the choreography for the first time and it just… works.  It clicks.  The lights go on.  It’s a beautiful, magical moment.

And then, sometimes, you just see people having a ton of fun!

What’s really cool is when both things happen at the same time, because then you’re in the audience having fun right with them.

Here is the incomparable Grant Coward and his girls, Marlena, Carrie and Heather, rehearsing their number “It’s My Party” for On The Rooftop.

Call 905-372-2210 or 1-855-372-2210 now to get your tickets!

Focus on the President: Steve Shortt

Steve ShorttWe recently sat down for a discussion with VOS President Steve Shortt and these are some of his thoughts on theatre, life, and never ever, ever forgetting one’s lines…

Q: What does theatre mean to you?

Theatre means to me community, a group of people doing something they feel very passionate about for the benefit and enjoyment of other people.

Q: How did you get involved in VOS?

I got involved in VOS in the fall of 2010.  My daughter Jenna had already participated in VOS Theatre productions “Seussical the Musical” & “Oliver”.  I was thinking I would love to be part of this, I had been asked a couple of times by Alan Fletcher to come out and participate, but I felt because I worked shift work for Ambulance that I would not have the time.  In the early fall of 2010 Anne Burnham approached me about participating in “Fiddler on the Roof”  I agreed if my daughter Jenna could be in the production with me.  I also said I just wanted a very small role to learn the ropes.   Well the rest is history, 6 shows later, I am hooked!!

Steve as Ralph Sheldrake in White Christmas
Steve as Ralph Sheldrake in White Christmas

Q: What does it mean to be President of VOS?

Being President of VOS Theatre is a privilege!!  A privilege and a job I take very seriously!   I purposely took this fall production off, I wanted to spend some time with my wife Kimberly but also to take a good look at the organization from a non-stage perspective.  My eyes have been opened widely and I have an increased respect for each and every member of this organization.  It is absolutely incredible the amount of effort that is put forth to stage a VOS Production.

Q: Do you have any goals for next year?

Yes lots of goals!  I am one year closer to retirement.    Goals for VOS Theatre would be to keep providing the top level of musical and non-musical theatre that our patrons have become accustomed to over the last few years!  I want the organization to keep having fun!!

Steve as Sid in VIMY
Steve as Sid in VIMY

Q: What is the most rewarding experience in theatre so far?

My most rewarding experience in theatre so far is “VIMY”  I could never tell you enough about my journey during the production of “VIMY”  Please if you ever get the chance ask me!!!  I have another rewarding experience and that is to work with such wonderful, talented people within the VOS organization on stage and off!!

Q: What is your biggest on-stage blooper?

Aside from forgetting a line, I don’t have one.  I take my time on stage very seriously, so I don’t have bloopers!!!  Any one that knows me well knows that I usually learn everyone’s lines, because you never know when someone might forget a line and you have to jump in!!

Steve as the  Black Knight in Spamalot
Steve as the Black Knight in Spamalot

Q: What would we never know about you if didn’t tell us?

Well if I told you then you would know wouldn’t you, so lets just keep it unknown!!

Announcing: The cast of Shrek the Musical

VOS Presents Shrek the Musical next AprilThe casting of the VOS production of Shrek the Musical is complete.
Click to see the familiar faces!

“The cast announcement is as anticipated as Opening Night,” said Liz Clark, Producer.  “Incredible talent, great people, and Opening Night is already sold out.  A nice way to start.”

Here it is:

  • Shrek: Steve Russell
  • Fiona: Marlena Sculthorpe
  • Donkey: Jamie Hunt
  • Lord Farquaad: Joel Varty
  • Pinocchio: J.P. Baldwin
  • Sugar Plum Fairy, Gingy: Beth Hunt
  • Little Pig #1, Papa Ogre: Hugh Stewart
  • Little Pig #2, Knight: Grant Coward
  • Little Pig #3, King Harold, Knight: Doug Littleford
  • Dragon, Mama Ogre: Jessica Outram
  • Young Shrek, Thelonius: Graham Lynch
  • Teen Fiona, Ugly Duckling: Emma Sandziuk
  • Young Fiona, Baby Bear: Alexia Boyagian
  • Humpty Dumpty, Captain of the Guard, Knight: Steve Shortt
  • Fairy Godmother, Queen Lillian: Erin Welsh
  • Big Bad Wolf: Leigh Facey-Crowther
  • Peter Pan, Bluebird: Carrie Kettles
  • Tinkerbell: Shasta Kettles
  • Blind Mouse, Dance Captain: MacKenzie Russell
  • Blind Mouse, Wicked Witch: Alyssa England
  • Blind Mouse, Mama Bear: Heather Town
  • White Rabbit, Production Assistant, Script Page: Gemma Varty
  • Bishop, Papa Bear, Knight: Ewan Mireault
  • Pied Piper, Dwarf: Justin McKague
  • Mad Hatter, Greeter: Noah Couture

Tickets are on sale now for the VOS Production of Shrek the Musical!