Re-post: Shrek the Musical in Cobourg

Re-post: Shrek the Musical in Cobourg

Shrek actor Steve Russell was featured in a Toronto based blog and had this to say:

It is “good for the whole family” – there is lots of adult content that will fly over the kids’ heads. It is also the Shrek story from the first film but with lots of new music and dance numbers added. It is a real treat for everyone. It was quite a hit on Broadway where there aren’t a lot of small children paying the bills. There is only one price for tickets (just like Mirvish shows).

I recommend it to everyone above the age of 5 or 6. Small children may be frightened by the dragon and other costumes. Adults will get the many references to other shows and appreciate the more significant meaning of ‘letting your freak flag fly’ and everyone will laugh at the fart jokes… in spite of themselves.