The Outstanding Ewan Mireault

Ewan Mireault

On October 15th at the Northumberland County Council meeting, Warden Linda Thompson presented Ewan Mireault for his outstanding work in the arts community as a youth volunteer.

Linda Thompson and Ewan Mireault

Ewan has been a youth volunteer with the VOS Theatre since he was 6 years old and appeared onstage in Camelot with the organization. Even though Ewan has a full life that includes school, choirs and volleyball, he is always available to the VOS to assist however he can, whether it is helping his parents paint the Theatre’s street piano or dancing and singing in one of the shows. Ewan has currently taken on the responsibility of Dance Captain in White Christmas, helping the rest of the cast whenever they need rehearsal, and is also taking on the role of Mike the stage manager – a hefty role, in addition the onstage Dance Captain in the show. We’re not sure who he stays on top of it all!

Ewan approaches every project with an incredible sense of humour and a dedication fitting of an adult volunteer.

Ewan Mireault and Family

The Warden’s Arts Awards are a wonderful opportunity to recognize individuals and businesses that support the development and promotion of the arts throughout
Northumberland County,” stated Warden Linda Thompson. “Council applauds today’s recipients for their outstanding contributions to the arts community, whether through volunteerism or sponsorship.”