The ‘Main’ Event is About to Begin

Stacy & Angela Main are a husband-wife duo that are taking to the stage together in the VOS production of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, running at Victoria Hall in Cobourg November 6th to the 15th.  VOS had a chance to chat with them before rehearsal.

Stacy & Angela Main
Stacy & Angela Main

VOS: Well, Rita and Phil, you two have done a lot of shows together. Is this one any different?

Angela: This is our 7th show together and I would have to say every one of them has been different! This is what we love to do and I love that we can spend the time together doing it! For me, I am so proud of the work that Stacy is doing. He has put in an incredible amount of hard work and time in on the character, songs, and dancing. I think it is very evident in the what you see! Also, for me, the role of Rita is different than those I have done in the past. It is such a fun character that you can do so much with! I am having a great time playing her and figuring out her traits, accent, and other characteristics. It really has been a pleasure getting to know her over the past few months.

Stacy: I would really like to thank everyone involved with the VOS for the opportunity to be a part of White Christmas. From the moment that I first walked through the door to audition everything has been first class. Everyone involved has been extremely positive, supportive and great to work with. It is also nice to be doing another production with Angela. We try to only do shows together due to the incredible amount of time required, so it’s a good thing that this is how we both want to spend our time.

Angela & Stacy backstage at the Port Hope Festival Theatre production of Mary Poppins
Angela & Stacy backstage at the Port Hope Festival Theatre production of Mary Poppins

VOS: This is your first show with VOS THEATRE. Tell us about your history with theatre? Any favourite memories?

Angela: First off I can’t say enough good things about VOS. I am so happy with the experience working with and being a part of this organization and show. They have been nothing but welcoming and friendly. From day one we have felt like one of the crew.
I have done theatre for many years, starting way back in high school. One of my favourite roles is Grace Farrell in Annie because I have played the role more than once. Other stand-outs to me include Texas in Cabaret as it was my first role that was mostly dancing rather than singing. I also describe working with professional performers in a recent production of Mary Poppins as the best experience of my life. It was a completely indispensable experience and one that I was so lucky to have and will never forget.

Stacy: This is my 5th year in theatre, my seventh show. Five Years ago I did not act, I did not sing, and I did not dance. Now it seems kind of funny trying to imagine not doing this every day, and when I look back it is probably my greatest regret that I didn’t have the courage to be a part of theatre at a younger age – better late than never.
I have always loved musicals and musical theatre and I guess my favorite memory to date would date would have to be performing in Mary Poppins this past summer. To have the opportunity to be part of a professional show was incredible, I learned so much. The fact that I was able to share the experience with Angela made it even more remarkable.

Angela Main in the Northumberland Players production of Annie
Angela Main as Grace in the Northumberland Players’ production of Annie

VOS: Angela – you are killing those dance numbers. Killing them! Tell us about how you feel when you are dancing?

Angela: This has been a wonderful learning experience for me when it comes to dance. Mackenzie has come up with some great and challenging choreography, and she is so patient and supportive when teaching it to all of us. I have no dance training and only experience from a couple of previous shows, and this one has pushed me to do things I never thought I could. I am especially enjoying the tap because that is a form of dance I have always loved never thought I would have the chance to learn even the basics of. My mom did step dancing, which is similar, and I always admired what she was able to do when I had the rare opportunities to see her dance. I think exhilarated is the best way to describe how I am feeling, once the steps are learned and you can just dance! I hope I am doing Mackenzie proud!

Angela & Stacy in a Broadway Revue

VOS: So Stacy, are you a Danny Kaye fan? Did you watch the movie as a kid? How are you making Phil your own?

Stacy: As far as the movie, I do recall seeing it as a child but I wouldn’t say that I am a Danny Kaye fan per say, although though he did a great job as Phil. On the other hand, Vera-Ellen, who played Judy, was quite something. I thought that she was absolutely beautiful; I loved her in On the Town as well. I guess fixating on the pretty blonde is a “Phil” kind of characteristic; all that I need to do now is sing and dance.

Stacy Main Angela Main

 VOS: So as we move into hell week later this month what is your strategy for survival. Very few people think about the fact that community theatre actors have day jobs and work all day and rehearse all night. How do the two of you make it work?

Angela: We share household duties, including cooking! And try to be hyper organized at home and at work. I think the slow cooker helps, along with planning ahead. It is difficult with high demand jobs and having other things happening at the same time, but you figure it out. Sleeping in when you can also seems to be key!

Stacy: We are both type-A personalities, so organization and planning ahead go a long way to maintaining our sanity as our schedules become more hectic. I love my sleep, but I don’t mind forgoing a nap or two in lieu of the chance to work through songs, dances and scenes one more time. I really want to make sure that I have done everything possible to make this production great.

VOS: One word to describe the rehearsal process with VOS THEATRE and director Steve Russell on White Christmas – GO!

Angela: Positive
Stacy: Dedicated

Come see Stacy Main as Phil Davis and Angela Main as Rita in the VOS Production of White Christmas, running November 6th to the 15th at Victoria Hall in Cobourg.