What We’re Thankful For

What We're Thankful For: From the Cast & Crew of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

As the team of VOS Theatre’s Production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (opening November 19 in Cobourg, Ontario), takes a rare breather from rehearsals to celebrate Thanksgiving Day here in Canada, we asked some folks to tell us what they are thankful for on this gorgeously sunny fall day in beautiful Northumberland County.

Marg: I am thankful for family and friends and for the VOS.

Gwen: I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends who are always there for me and that we have local theatre that allows me to pursue my love of acting and being involved in theatre.

Justin & The Bombi Samba Girls

Ethan – I am thankful for my happy family and the time we get to spend together.

Bea: Thankful for the freedom to congregate without political restrictions, to create, to dream, to laugh and to follow one’s bliss!


Sarah: I’m ‘Truly’ thankful for my family and my friends.

Liam: I’m thankful that my family could gather for a harvest meal.


Angela: I am thankful for my husband, family, and friends. I am also thankful to have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful and supportive group of people that are the whole cast and crew of Chitty!

Pat: I am thankful for today and for my wonderful husband and son. I feel blessed. Also for all my great friends in VOS for accepting me into your group. Love you all… Love Canada.


Steven R.: A chance to work with talented people on a fun project.


Erin: I’m thankful for my family and friends.  I’m thankful also for my theatre family – life’s adventures just wouldn’t be the same without my VOS family.


Courtney: I am thankful for the freedom of expression.

Jenna: I’m thankful we have food, like whipped cream. I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful we have enough of everything we need. I’m thankful to be part of this great cast and crew!


Alan: I am thankful for my loving wife and family who allow me to be who I am.

Susanne: I’m thankful that I live in Canada. Not only is it a beautiful country with 4 seasons to enjoy, but it is a safe place in which to live where we have so many opportunities to live a happy, healthy, free life.  I hope everyone who can will exercise their right to vote on October 19th. So many people around the world would die (and have died) to live in a democratic society.


Lannette: I am thankful for the people in my life that are part of my happy soul!

Our attentive Stage Management team of Alan Fletcher and Lannette Donnelly taking notes and keeping track of every detail. (Co-director Bea Quarrie to the left)

Lee: I am thankful to be safely home with my friends and family after an amazing trip to Turkey!

Sonya: I am thankful for the beauty of nature, interesting conversation, and good music.

Liz: I’m thankful for the things that most folks with sense acknowledge as blessings. A wonderful daughter and family, a roof over my head, loyal friends and the good health to truly enjoy them.

But if we’re talking artistically I’m most thankful to live in a country where I am free to participate in theatre as a hobby without fear of censorship or punishment; where as a woman I am not discriminated against but, in fact, given the gift of the responsibility to produce these shows and where my greatest problem might be making a car fly or costuming 32 actors on budget not how I’ll feed my children tomorrow or whether I will stoned for having an opinion.

I am also thankful for stuffing.

From Joel:

Chitty takes flight November 19th

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