The Inventions of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: from Concept to Reality

The central character in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is Caractacus Potts – and he is an inventor.  Several of his inventions appear in the stage production.  Here are some of the concept drawings from Director Joel Varty, as well as the finished products as the appeared in our production facilities and finally onstage as Victoria Hall.

The Breakfast Machine

The concept drawing for the Breakfast Making Machine
The nearly finished machine in Charles Varty’s shop.
The machine on-stage, complete with working dishwasher, toaster, and egg carousel.


The Hair Cutting Machine

Original concept drawing for the Hair Cutting Machine.
Bill Hubbs wrangles the bike frame that the machine was built upon.  In the foreground, 3 other inventors create Truly’s Music Box.
The final version of the Hair Cutting Machine onstage.

The Baron’s Car

The concept for the Baron’s Car.  This was meant to be a comic prop, and had to have a different look and feel than Potts’ creations.
Garth Watson wrings his hands with glee as he prepares to demonstrate the hidden float/fly features of his creation.
The Baron’s Team of Inventors wheel out the Baron’s Car in rehearsal.

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