She’s Our Resident Expert on All Things Anne

VOS THEATRE caught up with Erin Welsh who plays Mrs. Barry in our production of Anne of Green Gables the Musical.

12 Erin Welsh

VOS THEATRE: It is well known within our organization that you love this production. So what is it about Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books that you love so much?

ERIN: Anne was a book that my mom grew up reading and she introduced me to it. I guess what I love is that even though Anne lived a hard childhood, she always had hope and was full of adventure. My best friend growing up had red hair so her and I had fun pretending we were Anne and Diana and acting out the book.

VOS THEATRE: You lived in PEI for a while?

Erin: I Did! It’s such an amazing place. I knew that I always wanted to visit the red sand of PEI and visit the places described in the book. I ended up working at Avonlea village…..a place that acts out the story on a daily basis.

VOS THEATRE:  Can you tell us about your job in Anne’s country?

Erin: I worked in Cavendish at the Anne of Green Gables store. It was a lot of fun to get to share my love of Anne with the customers and the cast at the village. On my breaks it was fun to go out and have high tea with your favourite characters and participate in good old kitchen parties.


VOS THEATRE: How many times have you seen the show?

Erin: Oh goodness I’m not sure I want to share that. I’ve seen Anne and Gilbert twice. I’ve seen the musical at least 10 times plus,  I also listened to the soundtrack on a loop 8 hours a day for 4 months at work.


VOS THEATRE – What’s the appeal? What is it about the show that audiences love?

Erin: I think it’s just a feel good show. Anne has such a sense of wonder and excitement that’s it’s hard not to be pulled in to her world.

VOS THEATRE: What is it you’re enjoying most about finally appearing in the show?

ERIN: Well I mentioned before that I used to pretend to be Diana Barry as a child. It.was always my  dream to be her and live her life. And now I get to play Mrs Barry which is pretty awesome….my chances of being Diana are pretty slim now unless we put on production of Anne the geriatric version.

VOS THEATRE: Now you’ve given away our summer show for 2018.

You’re a teacher. Tell us, is the Anne series still relevent today?

Erin: It is! It’s definitely a story the children still Love! I’ve used it as a read aloud in class book before and the kids loved coming dressed up as their favourite character.

VOS THEATRE: Tell Anne of Green Gables book fanatics how the musical represents Montgomery’s series.

Erin: It does a great job pulling out the fun parts of the story, and does stay true to Montgomery’s story line, just with an infusion of energy and fun songs.

VOS THEATRE: Oh we almost forgot – favourite song in the show?

Erin: Oh, that’s a hard one. I think it would be a toss up between the Lady Cordelia and Ice Cream. Anne’s songs are just so catchy – you can’t help but smile and sing along.


Anne of Green Gables runs for 2 weeks only

July 13-22

Tickets are available through the Victoria Hall Box Office

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