Bob Clark Steps Out Of The Booth And Into The Shoes Of Matthew Cuthbert

VOS THEATRE recently caught up with Bob Clark who plays the iconic role of Matthew Cuthbert in our Production of Anne of Green Gables.


VOS THEATRE: What is it that you are enjoying most about playing Matthew Cuthbert? BOB CLARK: Initially it was the story that interested me. Matthew, the quiet introvert comes out of himself and with the help of this exuberant girl, and finds that he can make a difference.

Bob Clark as Scrooge
Bob Clark as Scrooge with Justin McKague in 2012

VOS: You’re our expert sound guy what is it about this show/role that gets you out of the booth and onto the stage?
BC: I trusted the director and the creative team to pick the people they wanted. I was very pleased to be chosen for Matthew. This lets our group give someone else the satisfaction of using the great sound system we have to create a good experience for our audiences.

Bob Clark performs with daughter Sam
Bob performing with daughter Samantha at a VOS Christmas Concert (2014)

VOS: Ever read the books?
BC: Actually – No. But I have visited Green Gables and have seen the musical and the movie.

Bob and Todd
Bob works with Sound Designer Todd Charlton in 2013

VOS: You grew up on a farm. Is Matthew like any of the men you knew growing up?
BC: The one thing I remember was how different each of the men I knew growing up were. I grew up in a rural community where we knew our neighbours because we played together, worked together, went to school and church together. We got to know each others’ families quite well and I saw the differences among the men and how they made the community work despite their differences.

VOS: You’ve been working with community theatres for a long time – what is it you enjoy about the rehearsal process?
BC: The rehearsal process lets an actor try different approaches to the text and work with the director, the fellow actors and the production team to make the written words on the script come to life. I find that very exciting.

VOS: What’s the worst part about putting a show together?
BC: The worst part is that all that creative energy that comes to a peak during the performances and then is over with the last show.

VOS: When you’re not volunteering for non-profit theatre you’ve got a day job. What is it you do?
BC: I am a consultant who specializes in urban and rural land use planning with a specialty in agricultural planning and municipal finance. With our staff we provide land use planning and special agricultural services to municipalities and private land owners mainly in Eastern Ontario.

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