Friends together again in VOS THEATRE’s The Music Man.

“It’s indecent to meet boys at the footbridge.”

– Zaneeta Shinn, The Music Man.

The footbridge might be scandalous but the rehearsal hall is just fine for Gemma Varty (Zeneeta Shinn) and Ewan Mireault (Tommy Djilas) in VOS THEATRE’s production of The Music Man.

The show opens in April at Victoria Hall in Cobourg but rehearsals are well underway and these two friends are enjoying the opportunity to sing and dance together once again.

Ewan & Gemma
Ewan & Gemma

This pair have grown up with the VOS.

Ewan Mireault through the years.

From Camelot and Spamalot to Shrek, Chitty and Anne

Gemma Varty – through the years in theatre

From wee young thing in her first show (far right Oklahoma!) to showgirl (far left Guys and Dolls).

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The VOS Theatre Production of The Music Man runs from April 25th to May 4th at Victoria Hall in Cobourg.

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