This weekend almost every year….

As I watched the snow coming down this yesterday I thought about what VOS Theatre volunteers are normally doing over Easter weekend almost every year. We are normally moving a set in or working a tech weekend. We’re putting the finishing touches on costuming or holding a sitzprobe with our fabulous musicians. We are normally juggling time with family and VOS family but almost always we’re building a set.

We’ve loaded in with sunshine and with freezing rain and snow – because it’s April! We’ve even moved a car up those historic steps at Vic Hall.

So this weekend enjoy the family you live with and remember the family you create theatre with is only a phone call away. There may not be techie cake but at least there’s time to watch a couple VOS videos and smile.

This one, in particular makes me smile! This video was put together for our 25 anniversary. We’ll do a bigger and better one with more recent shows when we meet for our 30th Celebration. Take a look back…….

We are sending this blog to our 30th Gala mailing list rather than just the membership. We may not be celebrating in person next week but we still wanted to say thank you to our volunteers. We think it’s worth remembering from a physical distance that the past 30 years have been a hell of a ride.

If you are so inclined upload your favourite VOS photos to our Facebook page.

Eat well. Stay well and get out in the sunshine. No tap dancing, hauling of sets and costumes or late night rehearsals this weekend!