Opened this Weekend to Rave Reviews

After every performance, Shrek and friends can be found schmoozing around the big green S.  It’s a chance for the kids young and not so young to meet their favourite characters and share a moment for a photo.

If you are lucky, you can still get tickets for next weekend (Thursday, Friday or Saturday) – call the Victoria Hall Box Office at 905-372-2210

Introducing Alexia Boyagian as Young Fiona

In the VOS Production of Shrek the Musical, Young Fiona is a big talent in a little package.  Alexia Boyagian has been coming to the theatre with her parents since she was “ten months old.”

Alexia plays Young Fiona and Baby Bear in Shrek the Musical
Alexia plays Young Fiona and Baby Bear in Shrek the Musical

“When I was a baby,” she says, “my parents said that everytime people would sing badly, I would scrunch my face up.”

The 3 Fionas

We asked about the first sing-through for Shrek the Musical Orchestra.  “I was nervous at first,” she replied, “and then it felt kinda good.”

Alexia sings with Marlena Sculthorpe (Fiona) and Emma Sandziuk (Teen Fiona)

When asked about what she likes about Shrek the Musical, she said, “The solos are fun.  The people are really nice.  I love my baby bear costume and my tiara. It’s ironic that the three bears is one of my favourite classic fairy tales, and I’m playing baby bear.”

Alexia talk with Producer Liz Clark
Alexia speaks with Producer Liz Clark about her experience in the VOS production of Shrek the Musical

Who is her favourite character in the show?  “Donkey,” she replied.  “He’s funny, just like in the Shrek movies.  I think Jamie [Hunt] is really good in the role and was well cast.”

photo (4)

What’s the best part of being in a VOS show?  “Everyone’s really nice, and I’ve made new friends.  Especially my friend Shasta [Tinkerbell].”



Here is a tiny sneak peek of our talented Alexia in I Know It’s Today, from Shrek the Musical.


First things first: tickets for Shrek are quickly disappearing.  If you want to see your favourite ogre and all his friends live on stage… you’d better get busy and call our box office RIGHT NOW.  Seriously.  Don’t be disappointed, don’t wait, do it now – 905-372-2210.  We’ll still be here when you get back.

Okay – let’s assume that you’ve reserved your seats and you’re all ready…  IT IS STILL WINTER.  The show isn’t on until April, but it’s barely March and this cold spell is EPIC.

You a need toque.  A Shrek Toque.

Good news! We have a limited number of these things for sale, and if you contact us, you (or your favourite little ogre) can have one, too.

Here are some photos of the cast of Shrek sporting this fab headwear!

Announcing: The cast of Shrek the Musical

VOS Presents Shrek the Musical next AprilThe casting of the VOS production of Shrek the Musical is complete.
Click to see the familiar faces!

“The cast announcement is as anticipated as Opening Night,” said Liz Clark, Producer.  “Incredible talent, great people, and Opening Night is already sold out.  A nice way to start.”

Here it is:

  • Shrek: Steve Russell
  • Fiona: Marlena Sculthorpe
  • Donkey: Jamie Hunt
  • Lord Farquaad: Joel Varty
  • Pinocchio: J.P. Baldwin
  • Sugar Plum Fairy, Gingy: Beth Hunt
  • Little Pig #1, Papa Ogre: Hugh Stewart
  • Little Pig #2, Knight: Grant Coward
  • Little Pig #3, King Harold, Knight: Doug Littleford
  • Dragon, Mama Ogre: Jessica Outram
  • Young Shrek, Thelonius: Graham Lynch
  • Teen Fiona, Ugly Duckling: Emma Sandziuk
  • Young Fiona, Baby Bear: Alexia Boyagian
  • Humpty Dumpty, Captain of the Guard, Knight: Steve Shortt
  • Fairy Godmother, Queen Lillian: Erin Welsh
  • Big Bad Wolf: Leigh Facey-Crowther
  • Peter Pan, Bluebird: Carrie Kettles
  • Tinkerbell: Shasta Kettles
  • Blind Mouse, Dance Captain: MacKenzie Russell
  • Blind Mouse, Wicked Witch: Alyssa England
  • Blind Mouse, Mama Bear: Heather Town
  • White Rabbit, Production Assistant, Script Page: Gemma Varty
  • Bishop, Papa Bear, Knight: Ewan Mireault
  • Pied Piper, Dwarf: Justin McKague
  • Mad Hatter, Greeter: Noah Couture

Tickets are on sale now for the VOS Production of Shrek the Musical!