Scholarship Applications Available Now

VOS Theatre has 2 major scholarships available – download the applications today!

The Harcort Scholarship is awarded to a graduating student who will be attending post secondary education in Sept. 2022. The winner does NOT need to be pursuing theatre in a degree program. 

The Watson Scholarship is awarded to a student who will be studying at a Post-Secondary School or entering into an accredited apprenticeship in the coming school year.

Visit our Website for more information on the Ruth Harcourt and Watson Scholarships. The deadline to apply approaches!

Fundraiser for Scholarships this Sunday!

Why not call and reserve a fabulous dinner from the Best Western Plus Cobourg Inn and help the VOS fundraise for its scholarship fund?

VOS Theatre awards $3500 every year to graduating high school students. Normally we’d use funds from our intermission 50/50 draws, but with no performances, we need your support to continue to help these deserving students. Last year we were able to make it work with our savings but this year, with an eye to having enough cash to support upcoming productions we need your help. Funds will go towards the 4 – $500 awards to local schools, the $1000 Ruth Harcort scholarship and the $500 Garth Watson scholarship.

If you choose not to order a meal but would like to donate to the scholarship you can send a cheque or check our website. – You’ll find a place to donate at the bottom of the Membership page.

Many thanks to Best Western for their support! Call NOW!

What’s Coming Up?

VOS THEATRE has been very careful not to jump into a project and spend our cash reserves only to start and stop again with shutdowns. We are monitoring all of the movements of this pandemic and discuss the likelihood of an upcoming productions at each board meeting.

We have secured the rights and the venue for a November 2022 production but are still waiting and watching B1, B2 and whatever else this plague throws at us. There is much to consider as producing a musical with all that rehearsals, wind instruments and singing bring with them in the way of risk. It will be a task! So we are carefully monitoring, discussing options and moving forward in baby steps. As a board it is our responsibility to monitor the organization’s expenses and at an investment of 50 to 60K we want to be as sure as we can before we move forward.

We will be discussing whether to move forward with our secured production at the next couple of board meetings. Watch our VOS Facebook and Instagram pages for more news as we have it.

Our First Rental

Our rental business was shuttered with the incoming plague. So sad. Requests started arriving in our inbox in October, 2021. Not surprisingly they came from the south in the U.S. where cases were higher but they were giving it a go. All of those requests were turned away as we just were not ready to deal with customs and pandemic red tape. Our first rental of some Spamalot costumes went to Victoria School of the Arts in Edmonton on Friday. Many thanks to Florence Fletcher, Joel Varty for their assistance with this rental. The rental income will cover one month rent at the barn! Slowly but surely…………………….

If you’re looking for costumes or live in Northumberland County and would like to rent a portable stage or some props or Costumes contact us!

Fundraising Ideas

If you have some fundraising concepts that might be fun to consider shoot them our way. Be forewarned, we swore off yard sales in 1992. theatre@vostheatre

June is a busy month… even when we aren’t producing a show

June is a busy month for VOS Theatre. This June when all has changed a few things remain the same.

We continue to be dedicated to providing students with scholarships that can be used to reduce the expense of higher education. We provide 1 scholarship for $500 to each of 4 High Schools in Northumberland County. Port Hope High School, CCI, St. Mary and ENSS.

We also award two additional scholarships to students chosen by a Committee of VOS Members. The Ruth Harcourt Scholarship and the Watson Scholarship. Please see our website to have a look at the criteria.

The Harcort Scholarship is awarded to a graduating student who will be attending post secondary education in Sept. 2021. The winner does NOT need to be pursuing theatre in a degree program.

The Watson Scholarship is awarded to a student who will be studying at a Post-Secondary School or entering into an accredited apprenticeship.

Visit our Website for more information on the Ruth Harcourt and Watson Scholarships. The deadline to apply approaches!

Now to Raise Funds…

We appreciate the support of Arthur’s Pub in Cobourg. Here’s a yummy way you can help with the cost of scholarship in a year when fundraising from 50/50 draws has been impossible.

If you would like to donate towards the $3500.00 worth of scholarships we give away each year you can do this by following the instructions on our scholarship page.

Annual General Meeting

Join us as we review a challenging year. The VOS Board has stayed in touch and ensured that the organization continues to thrive under very restrictive circumstances.

Email us for the Zoom link.

Coldest Month… Warmest feelings.

Here we are in February: the coldest month, still in lockdown and vaccines, for most, still months away. Not a lot to be happy about. But one thing we can feel good about is giving to local groups that need help, especially this time of year.

The VOS’s Community Centre Stage fund has been active over the past few months donating funds we would have used for theatre rental deposits to charities in Northumberland. In December, it was Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre.

Cornerstone is helping to break the cycle of family violence by providing immediate shelter, counselling and prevention services throughout Northumberland County. They run a 17 bed shelter, a 24 hour support line, and a resource centre to women and children who have experienced family violence to help them move out of danger and into a violence free future. The strength and support of the community has enabled Cornerstone to deliver first class services to Northumberland County for more than 35 years, serving more than 2100 women, children and youth last year alone.

As we moved into the new year, the new Northumberland Hospice Care Centre, Ed’s House, was the recipient.

Led by Community Care Northumberland, Ed’s House is a hospice hub in Hamilton Township, that offers resident care, caregiver support, health system navigation, palliative support and grief and bereavement support. it features six private residence suites that are now operational and four others that will be finished and open when funding is available.

February is here and the coldest nights remind us that Port Hope’s annual walk, known as Coldest Night of the Year, hosted by Green Wood Coalition is coming up February 20th. Coldest Night of the Year raises money for charities serving people experiencing homelessness, hurt and hunger.

This year is a little different. It’s a self-organized micro-walk, where you gather only in your covid-safe bubble or on your own and walk 2 to 5 km, then share your success, and your pledges, online.

Green Wood Coalition is a street-level, charitable organization that uses a community model of caring to walk alongside people living with poverty, mental illness, substance dependency and other disability in Northumberland County.

Check out these worthwhile groups, get involved, and donate if you are able. In these dreary months of winter, we all need something to make us feel a bit better.