A Dedication


VOS THEATRE recently lost a beloved member of our family. Happy Mireault was a vital contributor to all things artistic for as long as we can remember. From the majestic dragon and crazy Gingy puppets in Shrek to the candy treats in Chitty and more beautifully painted sets than we can count, Happy shared her incredible talent with us and with you the patrons. The pianos she and her husband Marc painted for our organization were more than works of art. When they graced the exterior of Victoria Hall they became living, breathing ambassadors for the whole arts community.

As talented as she was, it was her spirit, her great big open heart, her love of a challenge and glorious laugh that taught us the most. She taught us that you are more than your challenges. She taught us that even in the darkest times art can be uplifting medicine and reminded us, simply by the way she treated people with each interaction, that our mission statement, “people first” was something to be honoured.

Perhaps her greatest gift to the VOS was her unending support for her sons Remi and Ewan as they grew with us on the stage. We are incredibly grateful for them.

We loved this woman and we are missing her but we are reminded each time we see a crazy impossible prop or hear the beat of a tap dance that she would be revelling in the sheer joy of it and so, we do too.

VOS THEATRE is honoured to dedicate the production of Young Frankenstein and in particular “Puttin’ on the Ritz” to Happy Mireault.